4 Tips for Local Salons to Generate Repeat Customers (CUSTOMER LOYALTY SECRETS)


For people who own salons, it’s hard to gauge the degree of satisfaction of the customers since people may have different standards in assessing the services rendered to them. Because of this, salon owners face the dilemma of attracting and keeping the right number of customers that will avail of the services offered by their salon.


To solve this problem, salon owner can employ one method used in making the customers come back is most businesses: customer service. With the advent of technology, customer service has been easier and using such method can easily influence a customer into coming back to a salon.



Ask yourself: Would I like to be treated this way? 


Your customer could get the best haircut in the world, or an amazing massage – but it may not make up for the fact she felt ignored at the front desk, the restroom didn’t have any toilet paper or a dressing area was a mess.  Successful salons realize that building loyalty depends on the smallest of details.  So be vigilant in instilling those values into your staff. Expect them to work as a team and to go above and beyond their job descriptions.



Will your customer get the same treatment? Or will you over promise, and over deliver? 


When operations are working smoothly behind the scenes, it will reflect on the front end.  For example, a salon management system streamlines different aspects of your business, including:


  • Online appointment booking:  Attendants may not have to deal with as many calls and can spend that time catering to in-house customers.  Pre-booking is also critical to retention. Your salon should aim for pre-booking a minimum of 70 percent of your appointments.

  • Behavioral marketing: Customized software can also help market directly to your customers, giving them special promotions that will meet their fancy.  For the business side, it will let you know if a client hasn’t returned after a pre-determined amount of days, so you can make strides to bring them back. 



Repeat customers are the life blood in the salon industry.  Sure, you’ll bring in money from a number of guests that may come and go, but it’s the patronage from clientele come back regularly that fuels business growth. Acquiring new customers can cost as much as five times more than satisfying and retaining current customers. 



Let your clients know how much you appreciate their repeat business.  Work with your staff to figure out a way to best reward your core customers. 


Reward programs work well. For example, let them build up referral rewards toward free services or products. Or even go as far as offering a free visit after so many pre-booked appointments.  Another idea would be to utilize texting or social media to offer “insider” deals or coupons. Why not offer extra loyalty visits or a special coupon for those who refer friends and family to give your salon a try – and bring in extra business.


Don’t become just another client retention statistic – practicing these simple steps will ensure your customers have a wonderful experience and wins repeat customers.













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