How Text Message Marketing Ends Slow Days Forever [Infographic]


Compliment Your Existing Marketing Efforts 


Text Message Marketing is not a solitary marketing effort, it complements your existing marketing efforts. So, if you're sending out an email, social media post, or maybe an ad in your local magazine. You're competing with over 50+ thousand people daily. But, with text message marketing it's more personal, highly targeted to a customer, and the best part about it is. 98% of text messages are read, opened in 3 minutes or less, and can be shared to potential New Salon Customers.


Ask Yourself: Do you respond to an email, or text faster?   


Send Special VIP Text Club Promotions 


So let's say you have a slow times in your salon Tuesday-Friday between 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Why not send out a text message to your existing customer base with a special  promo for an event, occasion, or holiday. It gets even better say your customers don't take action with your promo. Hey no problem! (Brush your shoulders off) your customers can literally send your message instantaneously to a friend, family, or BFF through a text message "Double trouble"




Does your customer have the ease of sending you a referral? 


Create A Referral Rewards Program 


Your customer now becomes your outside sales force. Yaaay! Word of Mouth gone mobile, customers don't read emails instantaneously, and customers for sure don't browse their Facebook to make decisions instantaneously. But, when it comes to a text message it's more personal, highly targeted, and they can book instantly through your salon software booking service. 


So why sit there, and wait for a customer to come in?


Stop watching customers walk past your salon. Put the power in your hands and reach customers 98% of the time, get instant bookings, and fill your slow times forever. 


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