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Create compelling campaigns with video, display, social ads, email, sms text, native, and more, all from one easy platform. freqnt keeps you front and center, across channels and devices, ensuring you get bookings.

With access to data from over millions of your local digital profiles, gain a clearer understanding of customers; making it easier to deliver customized experiences to your target audiences.

You’re only scratching the surface by measuring clicks and likes. freqnt automation gives you real-time insights into how your marketing channels work together.

Always keep booking
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Marketing Manager 

Michelle Osier

Cutting Edge Salon 

Our overall experience has been truly great. The customer service staff are excellent and they almost always have a good answer for us and a way to make business easier for us when we need to call to get help from them

Our customers average 7.5x return with freqnt software Don’t miss out.