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With our library of resources and guided account setup, it’s easier to create ads from scratch, integrate your marketing tools, deploy campaigns, and  it's 100% automated. 

Our customers

average 7.5x return 

on their monthly investment 

We've generated over

175 thousand new bookings

for customers

Our customers make

81 million in bookings

each year


freqnt syncs with your schedule and predicts which days you are likely to be slow in upcoming weeks and automatically sends highly targeted text marketing campaigns to keep your schedule full.

Who Benefits from Automation Marketing?

You have an existing contact list of customers

You have an online booking software or contacts

Your business is slow throughout the week

Ads: Digital Marketing

We will increase your bookings by launching an advertising campaign. This advertising campaign will target your exact audience. This may include your email contacts, website visitors, lookalike audiences, or specific demographics of your customers

Who Benefits from Digital Marketing?

You're too busy trying to run a business not ad's

You have a lack of customers and want to grow

You have no idea where to attract new customers


App: Your own branded app 

Who Benefits from App Marketing?

You want to stay connected to your customers

You want an extra tool to reach your customer

Allow your customers to easily check your schedule

Our customers average 7.5x return with freqnt software Don’t miss out.